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Some highly recommended books

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Actually, I was going to start a blog in the fall..made a few post then got is the trading book one to go with above.
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I recently got my hands on Trading Regime Analysis by Murray Gunn..I remember when this book came out I was excited until I caught the subtitle of "the probability of volatility" which sounded like a ham handed way to try to sound "scientific"...This book though I guess is better than what I thought it was going to be but that is not saying much.
440 pages...from page 80-240 you have basically rehashed technical analysis crap that is a part of every other retail trading book. The author states clearly this is not a quant finance book then sticks in interview in on Markov chains on page 240..I'm not sure what the point of that chapter is although I guess it is always good to wet peoples appetites as far as what other methods are out there.
There are basically 40 pages of this book that are interesting/new to a retail trader which comprises part 3 of the book. The remainder of the book is simply filler because people will not purchase a 40 page book.
I do believe this is an important book historically though as I think it brings an end to the retail trading publishing business. 40 pages of information that could probably be condensed to 20 pages then 400 pages of filler...This is the state of books directed at retail traders, there simply is nothing more to say on the subject as any new research past 1990 involves the formalized language of mathematical finance.
I would imagine future good trading books will look much more like the second book by Sinclair..
Sinclair is a respected poster on the nuclearphynance forum(egghead rocket scientist according to Gunn).
224 pages and not a single wasted word...equations presented to formalize things but also much discussions as to the "how" and "why" by someone who has clearly grinded alot of ticks himself.
It is interesting to think about how every year trading moves farther and farther away from what the know nothing is thinking when seeing a scottrade commercial or some insidious retail algo platform bullshit on cnbc or whatnot..

I'm a little more positive on the book now then when I wrote that.

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