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Taylor Trading Technique (TTT)

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finding up and down trend using TTT

I recieved a very good question by email today and thought I should share it with you all.

Hi Rich

Trying to get to grips with Taylor once again - your ebook has been enlightening.

I still struggle with an area I had trouble with on previous attempts at TTT - determining an uptrend from a downtrend (bull and bear) and what to expect on the different days when bears are in control.

I get the impression from your email commentaries that you may understand this - if there was any chance you could write a short document outlining your approach or point me to a part in Taylor's book where he might discuss it (I could never figure out how he determined the Uptrending areas and Downtrending areas in his "book" despite reading a few times).

Any enlightenment would be appreciated


Thank you for your comments on the E-book.

The way I see things, TTT has a standard basic pattern. Buy day we get a decline, Sell day a rally, and SS day continue rally and start the decline.

That is the perfect world. I also find that Taylor's comments were based on a more bullish than bearish market.

However it does work in both direction as evidence by my finding of the Positive 3 day rally even in extreme bear markets.

Now how do I figure out if we are in Bull or Bear trend. There is a few telltale signs that may help.

Bullish trend: Lite or no Declines on Buy day.
More occurrence of Penetrations vs Violations.
Above average Rallies
Above average 3 day rallies
Nothing to do with Taylor but more and larger gap up

Bear trends: Lite or no rallies on Sell days
Failed 3 day rally ( Big red flag)
Below average Rallies and 3 day rallies
Above average Declines
More occurrence of Violations vs Penetrations.
Nothing to do with Taylor but more and larger gap down

This is the things I use in making my comments. Also Sell days are often confusing in nature and by that I mean up and down days. As they try to confuse us as to direction.

Also, although I donít consider myself an Elliot Wave expert, I do try to keep an eye on the wave count and that helps me with the big picture. I have found that EW and TTT does have a tendency to work well together both on the short and not so short term.

I hope that helps.

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