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This will only be the first of it to come. Since the new NT7 is so far fully secured and cannot be cracked (which I am glad). Watch and see who and what comes out of the wood work. Third party prices will only go higher and Ninja will endorse any and everybody. Like one of our vendor states in futures.io (formerly BMT), if they cannot show a statements, and or 2 years worth of track records, and watch over thier shoulder, then DO NOT DO IT. I think I may have bought and tried anything that said they would produce a profit, and nothing worked, until I could believe and prove that it worked. The bottom line is this, since 2001, none of the people I bought from are in business TODAY. Fat tails is 100% correct....if you are going to spend your hard earned money, make them (any vendor prove it). IF they can't, then walk away....oops...run. Also, PLEASE let me know who can trade at 90%, I want to see this in AUGUST. ALso, heywally, exactly to your point as well! I will take 70%, and $25 per car, and make 100K and be very happy at that.

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Haven't used it but it has all the characteristics of a bad deal. I can give you some lines to look for on the ES each day, for free; they're called support, resistance and pivot levels.

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90%? Given enough time and capital and no stops, I can give you 90% too!

Personally, I feel it reflects badly on NT to be essentially endorsing a lot of these marginal players in their News and Announcements forum area.

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