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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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I have paid for several trading rooms over the years....
Their most important contribution is costly education; even if it is to make you realize what doesn't work or suite you....
I currently subscribe to Absolute Day Trader.
They call 2 sets ups (ES & TF) each morning usually just before the RTH market opens.
No education just a computer generated system.
I use them on a daily basis as a discipline in the morning to get me started trading for the day.
I do not follow their sets up to the letter but modify per my own judgement and indicators based mainly on what I learnt from Trisha at Easy e Mini - another good trading room.
Anyhow, they can be quite profitable; 4/4 days this week so far...
Another good room with impressive published results is Puretick; Alex trades the YM and gives good education.

Just to clarify things with Cannon... There is nothing to buy. You pay for being a part of their live webinars-live trading room. They do not sell "education" or magic "methodologies" or magic "indicators". Besides, this is most affordable live tr. room. I think this is the only company that not trying to sell anything to you. You simply sign up, watch and follow (or not). There is a 2 weeks free trial-no obligation. The only thing i ask if you sign up for trial or more please mention that you are coming from BigMikeTrading forum.

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