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Oliver - it clearly states on their site that they do not trade the system and that all results are simulated.

Of course, many people dream of finding an automated system like this which is why they will pay hundreds of dollars a month. The value of such a system would be millions of dollars a month and the owner of such a system would not need to rent it out for paltry sums as they'd be making millions too.

The search for a working automated system that takes directional positions and can be left to its own devices each day is a little like the search for a perpetual motion machine.

The question shouldn't be "why does Pete think this can't work" the question should be "why does Oliver think it would?". Seriously - what leads you to believe that this is possible? Hope?


Hello Pete,

This thread caught my eye since I have been following the SMD website for awhile now. And, in fact, I found this thread through the vendor's marketing email just as mentioned in this thread. I have not traded this system yet nor am I affiliated with this website but I take issue with some of the comments here.

First, I cannot find on the vendor's website any statement that they do not trade the system. The only thing I can think of is that you are misinterpreting their disclaimer.

Second, the lease fee for this particular system is in line with many similar type systems - that is, many cost in the neighborhood of a few hundred dollars per month. I'm not sure why you think such a system would be worth millions of dollars.

Third, computer-driven, algorithmic systems are not new. It is a fact that such systems have been around for quite some time and some or many have been very profitable. Just to give one example - it is quite well known that John Henry, the owner of the Boston Red Sox, made a fortune from mechanical systems.

Finally, I still cannot "vouch" for the SMD product - I can just continue to evaluate like everyone else but to come out and dismiss the product simply because it is computer driven is just unacceptable.

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