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Ten-thousand in Education and still not profitable!

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Of course...good news travels fast, bad news travels even faster. Very much a locker room mentality, but nevertheless P&Ls were a relatively, closely guarded secret. It was usually traders' clerks or clearing firm employees that leaked the info, not the traders themselves.

It seems to me then that you developed as a trader in an environment where you felt, saw and heard ( ie not just on a screen) about the real stories of how other traders were going? You probably had some rumour quality information and other info that you trusted the sources of that was much better than rumour. Of course the most important thing is how you were trading BUT I would argue that that kind of contextual information assisted with you with your goal setting and helped with sustaining motivation. It also provided you with pretty clear ( good enough for you) evidence that some traders were very successful - yes?

The modern day retail trader gets the vast majority of info on line via 'anonymous' others. There is a difference in the level of information here. It could be argued that the modern retail trader must sustain a higher level of faith because of the fact that a lot of online info cant be verified and I dont think anyone would dispute that there are enough dodgy claims made out there.

So I think these 'requests' for 'proof' are coming from that place in the retail traders psyche that would like to not rely quite so much on faith especially while in the early stages of development.

You and others argue it is a fruitless and even destructive quest to see the proof of another retail traders profitability - that may be the case - but I think the sentiment is easy enough to understand.

Anyway thanks for that insight Tigertrader.

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