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Futures trading course feedback course (www.futurestradingsecrets.com)

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I have seen the course.

Anyone that has attempted to use oscillators will see the issue with what is discussed on the course. In particular is the way they point to the high of an oscillator and call it an entry point.

Oscillators throw many fake highs intra-bar and if you wait until the close of the bar, you will have missed the first part of the move. The videos point to the swing high and swing lows as if these could possibly be entry points.

An oscillator will turn down when price turns down. The delay generally depends on the lookback period of the oscillator but it WILL occur after the turn. This is the nature of oscillators. The videos discuss hindsight analysis of the market with no discussion on how to analyse in real time.

Like I say - anyone that has experience in oscillators will see the problem from watching the videos. For people without this, it will look very clear until they start in real time at which point the system will be as good as random entry.

I don't disagree with anything you said. I have had major problems trading this system in the past. I have only sim traded it the last 2 days, and I would not draw any real conclusions from that small a sample. I will say I am not trading per the course directions. I have not watched the videos in several years and don't plan on watching them anytime soon....I don't like how the course book is written or presented in video.....but as in most things I have looked at, I see how I can use what is there to fit my style of trading. I will say that going with the trend as called for by the long term ergodic yesterday had me taking trades my previous efforts would either have passed by or had me going the other way and these trades came out winners where before I would have been down.

Anyway, I am not recommending this to anyone nor promoting it in anyway....I am just stating exactly what I did and why I did it.

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