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Trading School Recommendation Request

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Is there a reputable school to go to learn how to trade? I need more help than I'm able to offer myself. Does anyone have a suggestion based on a very positive experience? TIA.

my recommendation to you, for whatever is worth... save your money on "guru" courses... instead get some education from a reliable resource... I have taken some of the NYIF courses to ensure that what I learned from books was in fact accurate.. and also to clarify anything that I was stuck on..

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I have spent funds on training courses that focus on specific things I am curious about: tape reading, market profile, trade management, etc. however, they dont really teach me to trade. good sources of information are:

Free Proprietary Trading Training

The other option is to take some online courses from colleges offering financial engineering degrees... I have no idea where you are located, nor your educational background, but look at your local schools and universities..

FIU, Bentley, Columbia, Stevens Tech, Northwestern, Booth, PSU, Baruch & NY Stern are all good sources for courses that deal with Commodities and Derivatives Trading as well, either as part of a certificate or a graduate program.

IMO, one cant really learn to trade in 2-3 months, so Guru courses are overated.. I rather spend $7-10K on getting a real education and have a certificate or another college degree... the only trading course(mentorship) that I would personally willing to pay for is Dan Sheridan's and I dont think it is worth the $7K (at least not to me) that he wants ... but learning is a personal experience and everyone does that best suits oneself... so what works for me, might not work for you... it is merely another point of view that you can take into account.

good luck...

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