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Trading School Recommendation Request

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I know you probably don't want to hear this but :

* I have read now close to 100 trading books
* I have blown up 2 accounts and lost considerable amount of money
* Have been in numerous trading rooms and bought several trading systems
* I have now thousands of screen hours, but still far below 10.000 which I believe is a magical number experience wise IMHO.
* I have worked with close to 15 different trading/charting programs and learned how to program on some of them. (I was a programmer before, but not a good one)
* I have learned the best things from a trading buddy/guru who was a pit trader for more than 30 years.

Big institutional banks have traders who have young MBA's and Phd's in economics who they need to re-locate because they are not able to be a succesfull trader, they just can't handle it. IMHO it has nothing to do with the scholarship you received but it has more to be if your mentally able to be a trader. It's not difficult to learn how to trade, it's extremely difficult to learn how to be a consistently profitable trader.

I have my moments of weakness since my journey is not finished yet but I learned so much. There are days I hate trading, there are days I love trading.

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