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Says it all

These three posts pretty much explain why serious people don't bother w discussions like this. I'm trying to remember how I got sucked into it.

1. Peter, the high standards of integrity demanded here obviously don't extend to the posters, who use anonymity to repeat malicious falsehoods and broadcast insults. They seem like mice who want to be rats, but lack the courage.

For anyone who wants to look, the details of Nat's calls are posted on her website every day. It is exactly her financial statements they want to see. Not gonna happen.

2. Tundi, I somehow suspect you will never experience first-hand the difference between being unemployed and being retired. And how do you react when your wife's integrity is impugned?

3. Ringo Whatsisname: All bluster and bullroar, as usual. Give my best to Paul when you see him.

-- Bill Dampier

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