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The Electronic Local method

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Jeff Castille View Post
I listened to the webinar and thought it laid a very nice foundation for his daughter or any beginning trader. I particuliarly like the fact that he told all of the beginners that 90% of people who attempt trading fail. Hopefully drawing attention to this fact will give aspiring traders pause........

So, did anyone notice his momentum dots ?????? Are there any bright programmer types that are intrigued enough to want to take a shot at them??? I can't find anything like them on the Ninja forum or on (formerly BMT).

Several other points of interest.......he likes range bars....the 33 ema.....the 99 ema and of all things the CCI. My interest in the CCI indicator was recently rekindled by Ben Harrell on his CL thread. It's interesting that he uses a 45 and 6 setting on the CCI and makes a point of saying that he doesn't know anyone who uses the CCI like "Woodie" and makes any money. So, his use of the CCI is unique. Of course volume played a very big role with the cumulative delta and market profile.

There is no way this guy is going to teach thirty years of trading experience in one webinar.....or even two or three. I'm sure that this process is just starting and will yield a tremendous amount of information over time. All in all......a nice start.

as i have read your post, i was stuck with this phrase "I particuliarly like the fact that he told all of the beginners that 90% of people who attempt trading 10% who have been successful. And i believe that you are a great trader, can you please tell me some good things to start when you are just starting with this? thank you so much. i will be waiting for the reply!

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