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At least we've made progress -

The purpose of my original post was to simply inform folks that Naturus, who is the
moderator and main “trader” of an ES DAYTRADING service, does not , IN FACT, use her own
daytrading calls to trade for her own account. It was not to go off on the many tangents
and issues you set forth above in your post. I stated some of those personal facts to let
folks know I had direct interaction with Nat long enough for her to disclose these facts to
me directly and personally. I have nothing to win or lose by disclosing this information to
the trading community.

You, Mr. Dampier, as her husband and one who seemingly has taken the position as her public
relations representative (too bad we couldn’t hear from the horse herself) stated in your
most recent post above:

“She does not day-trade the ES while she is running the chatroom…”

Thank you for clarifying that and substantiating the main thesis of my posts. Your statement
is honorable and I’m sure many appreciate now knowing a bit more truth. However, I would
take that statement to mean that she doesn’t daytrade at all. What better time for Nat to
daytrade for her own account than in front of her paying subscribers, her 5 minute ES
daytrading charts with the seemingly accurate indicators, and all of other tools that enable
her to claim the substantial amount of ES points her site claims can be made on a daily
(daytrading) basis using her sevices, no? It would seem odd to anyone that Nat herself is
not capitalizing on all those ES points her methods make every day daytrading, or so she

You go on to state: “…but she regularly takes position trades in the ES…” Does she really?
You also go on to state: “Nat has had an active trading account continuously since
1992…since then she has been remarkably successful.” Are you prepared to prove that? Big
Mike posted above that if you’re not prepared to prove your facts then don’t state them in
his forums.

Since we now know she doesn’t daytrade for her own account (at least while in her chatroom
with her subscribers), if she really even has an account, it might be helpful to the
potential and current subscribers to post on her website that Nat makes daytrading ES calls
but does not daytrade for her own account while in her daytrading chatroom. In so doing,
the potential and current subscribers would be informed that her daytrading chatroom is
merely a daytrading call service and they know the full deal before they subscribe or
continue to subscribe. It might also save Nat legal complications since she masks herself
as an incredibly successful ES daytrader but, as you state above, she is not.

You also state: “She will not show you her brokerage accounts. Ever. Why should she?”
Thanks also for supporting my statement that she would not do so in my original post. Why
should she? Sir, with all due respect, she charges $269 per month for subscribing to a
service where she makes intraday calls off a 5 minute chart to folks who would inadvertently
believe she is eating her own cooking when, as you clearly indicate above, she is not. It
all goes to full disclosure, integrity and credibility especially considering the claims of
daily success posted daily on her site. Your statement and her refusal to prove those
claims is additional information helpful to potential and current subscribers, thank you.

You further state: “Her main purpose is to help people trade successfully, because successful
subscribers stay in the room and unsuccessful ones drop out.” Talk about an oxymoron. She
runs a daytrading ES subscription service claiming many points that may be made every day by
subscribing to her service yet she is not a daytrader but rather a position trader? How can
she help people daytrade successfully when she doesn’t do it herself with her own technical
analysis? Enough said.

My real name is Ringo although that is not important to the cause at hand. I posted what I
have to help the unsuspecting trader out there who asked about to make a more
educated choice by knowing important additional information. I thank you for substantiating
that. As a financial beneficiary of her site and as her husband, it is understandable why
you would be so defensive about the facts I have laid out about your wife’s services. At
the same time, as you profess yourself to be a man of high honor, while perhaps not in your
and Nat’s best financial interest to do so, do the right thing by telling your wife to make
full disclosure about herself as a trader and with respect to the accuracy of her claims on
her website.

Good luck to you and good trading to all.

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