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To me the reason is simple. She is saying, pay her to be in the room, so she can teach me to trade. Is it so unreasonable to ask for some kind of proof that she can deliver.

For sure her success is no guarantee of my success, but if she can't trade can she really teach me. I'd like to know she is trading successfully.

I wasn't going to comment any further on this thread Peter, but you ask a reasonable question in a reasonable way, so I'll make an attempt to respond.

From a vendor's perspective, there is very little upside to sharing personal information of this nature, and a very large downside.

The upside is that it reassures potential clients, removes an area of doubt. It is almost entirely irrelevant to the potential client's success or failure, as you point out correctly, so it is false reassurance ... but comforting nonetheless.

The downside is that for us it is intrusive and dangerous. We aren't Goldman Saks; when Nat providesn her personal trading records it is not mixed in with a dozen others. It is her personal information and she is sharing not just privately w you, but publicly with everyone who can read, not just now but forever.

(And obscuring the name and account number is no protection. Anyone who is interested can find details of her persoanl information in minutes).

She's just not gonna do it. You wouldn't do it either, in her place -- especially since providing that information will not make a blind bit of difference.

The simple fact is that the large majority of people who try trading, and especially day-trading, will fail. (This is not unique to trading, it is true of any difficult skill; think how many people take piano lessons and how few are able to perform in public.)

The universe of failures is much larger than the universe of successes, and much more vocal. Successful traders rarely talk about trading in detail, and almost never comment publicly in forums like this.

Human nature being what it is, the failures look for excuses outside of themselves to explain their lack of success, and the easiest scapegoat is to blame the lousy teacher.

The result is threads like this one, which encourages petty and vindictive anonymous comments, but doesn't really enlighten anyone about the difficult and frustrating processs of becoming a trader. It is certainly not a venue that any sensible person would use to tell the world the most intimate details of her financial life.

-- Bill Dampier

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