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The facts

"When I knew her, she lived in Toronto in a small apartment..."

Nat Has lived in the same condo on the edge of the Toronto financial district for 20 years. A family of 6 might find it small, but it seems spacious to the two of us. The hotel across the street charges $450 a night for 1/10th of the space. No mortgage. She also owns property in Shanghai and Hong Kong. No mortgages there either.

"... her husband was older and he couldn't work..."

That would be me. I worked for 40 years aas a journalist and won the Canadian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize and edited the Engish-language publication of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. I hsve been retired for 2 years now with a comfortable pension -- not that it is any of your business. I have never been out of work a day in my life.

"... so money was tight."

We are not wealthy, but I have never known a time when we could not afford to buy what we want. That is none of your business too.

That is three untruths in a single sentence. There is more:

"Nat will NEVER reveal her own private trades because she doesn't trade for her own account or anyone's account. In fact, at the time I knew her, she confessed she didn't have an account with ANY futures broker or an investment account of any kind. She had tried trading in the past and lost money at it. Since she herself is not a successful ES trader and couldn't afford to lose any capital she decided to make money by providing a subscription service to ES traders with her charting, tools, and calls. She asked several traders to help her start but when they found out that she wasn't herself actually trading, they decided they wouldn't participate."

Nat has had an active trading account continuously since 1992. When she first started trading she lost money -- who doesn't?. Since then she has been remarkably successful. That's why she doesn't have to worry about a mortgage.

She does not day-trade the ES while she is running the chat room, but she regularly takes position trades in the ES, oil and gold and makes money at them.

She will not show you her brokerage accounts. Ever. Why should she?

She began running a chat room when she was hired by the Trending 123 website to manage their e-mini trading room. She later took it over as her own by mutual agreement. She did not ask anyone to help establish

Her main purpose is to help people trade successfully, because successful subscribers stay in the room and unsuccessful ones drop out. Most of her subscribers have beeen members for more than a year, and many have been members for 5 years.

She has never traded George Angell's LSS system (it is actually George Douglass Taylor's LSS sytem).

She doesn't tell anyone they can make gobs of money trading her calls ... just the opposite. She warns eveyone considering membership that trading is difficult and that they will have to spend a lot of time learning before they can expect to be profitable. Anyone who thinks they can start on Monday and be making money by Friday never got that message from her.

Bill Dampier

(That's my real name Ringo. What's yours?)

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