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I think all vendors who sell trading systems, trade calls,or room trading signals are bogus unless proven otherwise.

The burden of proof is on the vendor, not the customer, to show they are indeed taking real money trades unless the vendor states clearly and unequivocally, they are not trading in cash, trading in Sim mode, or not trading in any mode.

Vendors will give you a million reasons till Sunday (all of which are BS) why they can't produce real trading statements. The fact is nothing within the laws of the US prevents them from proving they are trading with cash and not monopoly money.

The mere fact they refuse to show bona fide evidence of real trades is prima facie evidence they are hiding something, namely the truth.

STAY AWAY FROM ANY VENDOR WHO CLAIMS TO TRADE WITH REAL MONEY YET WON'T PROVE IT REGARDLESS OF THEIR EXCUSES. If you follow this advice, you will, in all likelihood, never spend a cent on a charlatan.

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