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1) Untrue? With all due respect, my post contains nothing but the absolute truth and facts as prefaced in my original post. I responded with factual information when someone asked about her services.

2) Defamatory? Not in the least. In fact, Nat makes great calls. Whether they are timely or not, whether they are real or not, whether the subscriber can make any money consistently from them is up to him or her to find out for him or her self as I posted. There are a number of posts on other forums, including this one, that bring up these issues from former/current subscribers. None of this is new.

3) A former friend gone sour and vindictive? I said in my original post I have nothing against Nat. Again, just truthful and factual information was posted.

wdampier, huh? You wouldn't happen to be her husband would you? I've told the truth, now how about you?

My post was meant as nothing more than truthful and unbiased information. Anyone is free to subscribe to her service as well as any other trading service with my hope that it is a profitable experience for them.

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