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She is very defensive. The posted results are all hypothetical. If you read her website carefully you will find that disclaimer (and that she keeps her own trades private).

Here are some facts about Naturus so anyone reading this can make a more informed decision about her and her services at I want to make absolutely clear that I have nothing against Naturus and the facts below are not meant to bias a potential subscriber, or current subscriber, in any way but rather solely to inform.

I will first disclose that I have a past history with Naturus. Naturus ("Nat" as she liked to be called) is a Chinese lady now in her late 30's or early 40's. Naturus is not her real name and that picture of the woman on her website is not her. When I knew her, she lived in Toronto in a small apartment. Her husband was older and he couldn't work so money was tight. She gets extremely defensive if anyone questions her integrity or demands proof of her claims (such as posting a brokerage statement).

Nat will NEVER reveal her own private trades because she doesn't trade for her own account or anyone's account. In fact, at the time I knew her, she confessed she didn't have an account with ANY futures broker or an investment account of any kind. She had tried trading in the past and lost money at it. Since she herself is not a successful ES trader and couldn't afford to lose any capital she decided to make money by providing a subscription service to ES traders with her charting, tools, and calls. She asked several traders to help her start but when they found out that she wasn't herself actually trading, they decided they wouldn't participate.

Having said the above, anyone is free to open a website and sell whatever they want, even if what they sell is making ES trading calls. And Nat is a master at that with the "trading plan", the "focus levels", the "nat line", etc., products all designed as a complete package hitting on the key features of successful trading to get you to subscribe. That's what her mission get you to subscribe, interract with her tools, and listen to her calls not to prove to you what trades she is taking. (As a side note, she is known for having posted fake trades in text based chat rooms.)

If she makes money making the calls and a subscriber makes money employing her calls then it's a win win...if not...well, probably not wise to subscribe. I can tell you unequivocally that she did not eat her own cooking. Her site infers a subscriber, assuming the subscriber trades everything according to what Nat calls, could earn gobs of money everyday. Is this deceptive, unrealistic (to good to be true), or even possible? One has to decide for him or herself if considering subscribing to services.

Here's a little hint for any of you interested in the foundation of her approach, it's a slightly modified version of George Angell's LSS trading method.

I hope this helps to inform. Good luck and good trading to all!

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